Small Code Editor 0.2.1 Released

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Release Notes

Dear User,

I firmly believe in the philosophy that the user should only have to deal with the functions necessary for them. For this reason, I've enabled a plugin system for small. So far, I'm only going to be supporting proprietary plugins, but in the future I may open it up to third party developers.

The first plugin is a feature already shipped inside small, GitHub Gist integration. Since I realized not all people are going to want or use this feature, why clutter the preferences up with an extra menu item? If you don't use GitHub Gist, just disable the plugin and you'll never have to be bothered by the useless menu items.

Other New Things:

  • You can now change the language of the open document via the language drop down on the window's footer.
  • You can toggle the view of the window's footer from either inside the View menu or the keyboard shortcut Cmd+[
  • You can now quickly comment the currently selected text / current line via the keyboard shortcut Cmd+/ (or the menu item Format > Selection > Toggle Comments)
  • When changing the theme, the alert dialog is now only displayed in the main window.
  • Opening a new window no longer displays the current theme name.
  • Improvements to the syntax mode detection.
  • New app icon

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